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May I take a moment to introduce Williamson Cases?

My Story
Like many Americans I own a piece of American history - the Winchester 30-30 carbine. This is the gun that "tamed the West" and is a part of our DNA. I wanted a special case to transport this gun and I wanted the case to be as close to an original piece as possible. I sketched the design of the Original Williamson Case and went to work.

The Original Williamson Case is a handmade leather field case. The stitching was done with a hand awl and the artwork was burned onto the pocket freehand. I made the buckles and O-rings from steel rods with my forge and anvil. The final product is truly of concept and construction an 1800 period piece case for an American icon - the Winchester 30-30 rifle.

My Mission is to provide the highest quality, handmade, functional leather field case while retaining the feel of heirloom quality art. We want you to radiate pride every time you hunt or go to the range.

Each case is custom made to the specific firearm. The customer selects the art, logo (or ranch brand), hardware, buckles, color and style to create a case that reflects their personality.

Upon request I will include saddle straps and spring snaps so the carry strap may be removed.

Quality Guarantee - 100% satisfaction upon delivery.

I invite you to view the photo albums on Facebook (Williamson Cases). If you have any questions or would like to discuss a case, please feel free to contact me.

Alan Williamson
Williamson Cases
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