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Custom Work / Repairs

Have an idea... We will build a customized case to you specifications.  

George wanted a leather case to carry his shotgun shells to the sporting clay course. He wanted the case to carry 8 boxes of 12 gauge shotgun shells. I worked with George to create a design he liked including color, buckle style, and his initials.

Shotgun shell pouch for hunting or sporting clays.
Custom shotgun shell pouch. Choose your color, initials, company or team logo, or art work on the face of the pouch.

Joe brought in a pistol holster
that would not stay on his shoulder. The holster was a leather concealed holster for a S&W 44 Magnum with a 6" barrel. We determined he needed a leather body strap to replace the original elastic strap. We replaced the strap, added non-slip material on the top of the shoulder strap, and re-stained the entire piece to match. Joe left ready for the range and pleased with his "new" holster.

For the archers...

Colton received a tear-down recurve bow for Christmas. The canvas case that accompanied the bow just didn't do it justice. We sat down and drafted a design that would keep his bow safely stored, and keep his tools, arm protector, and finger protector in the side pocket. We added a touch of motivation with the 10 point buck image. Colton was ready for the next archery season - about 6 months early!

Leather Stock Wrap for carbine rifles

Front & back views.
Add your intials (price included)

Stock wrap for a Winchester Model 94

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